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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
there have been extensive discussions on the topic on this very forum (and other places). Other than a few misguided journalists with private agendas, almost everybody was in agreement that there is very little to lose and very much to win from this trade.

Sure, if Jermaine blows his knee in the first game, we'll have a tough season. But again, it was already established that any team in the NBA faces the same risks. If Bosh, Garnett, Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Duncan and so on blow their knees in the first game, their teams will suffer a similar fate. Not sure what you're advocating here, a team composed of mid level exception salaries, so you can replace them easily when they get injured?

Furthermore, the Raptors didn't have a "tonne" of cap space a few years ago, just around 12 millions if I remember correctly, good enough to sign corey magette for example ... That team had major holes at every position, and Bryan was able to transform a horrible team into a winning one with just 12 millions in cap space ...

So, worse case scenario, JO or Bosh or Calderon have a season ending surgery and we end up in the lottery. We get a nice draft pick and have another chance next season. We would have to be extremely unlucky to have season ending injuries on two superstars in consecutive seasons ... Even if that happens, we get another nice draft pick and in 2010 we'll have a decent core of players (2 all-stars in Bosh and Jose and hopefully another strong player in Bargnani). Take that mix and add 20 millions in cap space - do you think a skilled GM like Bryan can do some real damage with it?
Yes, every team is in huge trouble losing their top player or 2nd best player.

No, its not the same, all the players you mentioned have not missed most of the last few years with injuries that can carry longterm effects. So yes, O'Neal is more of a risk then the others. You never know how fully a player is recovered til he gets on the court in a real nba game, doctors can say everything looks fine til he is running up and down that court.

The biggest risk you didnt mention is this. Yes O'Neals contract is up in 2 years and we will have a tonne of space when it is, so we could easily replace him. BUT (yes a big butt, like j-lo), if this experient doesnt work out, Bosh may just head for greener pastures, not wanting to go thru another experiment. So the risk is not just losing O'Neal to injury, but losing our "franchise" player.
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