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I agree with Einstein when he said science without religion is lame. But it's important to keep in mind that Einstein, and most bright people are not "literal minded". What I mean is, bright people see the content of religion as symbolic and metaphorical. There was no garden of eden in a literal sense, but it certainly serves as a great metaphor. Adam and Eve weren't the first human beings, but again, they are a thought provoking symbol for man woman interactions and the source of strife. Cain and Abel, Job, heaven, hell - religion clearly offers a wealth of symbols and metaphors. Problem is, people are dumb. They take everything literally, and miss the deeper meaning.

Even the concept of God is perfectly logical from a pantheistic perspective. The totality of nature is our creator, why not refer to that as God? Who knows, Jesus could have been an atheist who defined God as nature itself. It's fine to refer to peaceful states of mind as heaven, and to create heaven on earth.

Artful metaphors are OK. Literal mindedness (the inability to think flexibly, metaphorically, creatively and artfully) is the problem.

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