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I must be a frickin' saint to be able to understand you Toraps. It must have been all those years going to church.

But it's true that the intent of all religions is quite the opposite of how things often turn out. Ultimately they all direct people to become less egotistical, and consider their worst enemy to be equal to themselves, or actually to be the same as themselves.

The problem is one of context for everyone approaching religion. There can be some good out of building a foundation upon any of it, but there has to be room to adapt and make room for difference. Being stuck in the past just for the sake of avoiding the here and now is not going to allow for much good to occur. Having a living and breathing relationship with the past that allows a big move forward is what is too often lost. But there are some notable examples where not war, not repression, not division occurs, but civil rights, an end to imperialism, and more healing than thought possible in places like South Africa.

But I can understand looking past the intent of major religions and just pointing out all the evils that have sprung out of obeying specific elements. Instead of living and breathing, the institutions built around them have largely left us with little air to breathe for ourselves, and that seems to happen in connection with helping to prop up existing power structures.

If I had superpowers I would require all religious texts to be seen on the same footing as any other books. I would point out the need for people to lose a good deal of their ego, and to see others as though they make up a part of themselves. And at the same time I would point out the failure of those in the past from being able to do so, and that various rituals have tended to make them blind to their failures and only allowed them to be controlled. The ways of the past have shown themselves to be broken, for the most part, so why not move on with some idea of what all the messages were meant to be and do everything we can to promote an ego-less freedom rather than self-serving control? By moving away from the sway of religions, we might actually find the means to adhere to the original intent. Or we could just be inevitably doomed regardless.

I see a much greater factor than the fear of death in play. I see a fear of ourselves. And there is a whole lot of straying from the truth of ourselves as a result, just like so many generations have strayed from the true intent of religious thought and practices.
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