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USA has the biggest refs protection in basketball world and Everyone knows it. I mean super big, inconceivable protection. No fouls, and what to say about the traveling? That rule disappears when USA play the game. Every single player saying that you must deal with it. Some young players are pissed, Voroncevic showed his full bloody arms after the game against USA. And what? Nothing. Nobody cares.
Refs need to make a decisions quickly, and most of that decisions are not quiet sure. As one Lithuanian Player said - imagine unknown ref from Puerto Rico or somewhere else, how can he give a questionable whistle on Durant or Rose or Kobe...? Course, no one talks about corrupt FIBA. We saw how corrupt it is, just look at Serbia-Turkey game, and the final - USA against Local heroes, 12 giants Turks :facepalm: Some players even wears hand protection sleeves just against the USA. Nothing else to said. Yes, thats a freaking reason.
Or you think only USA players can defend? Linas played well against Spain, against France. He trashed Batum. Show me other Raptor who can trash Batum.

You see, we not saying he must play more or smth. He looks terrible.
How good you know Kleiza? I know him very well, and he is more than just a 8th, player on the NBA team. I mean he play his worst game in the last 4 years. He still averaging 10/4 but we are pissed, he looks very bad now.
Maybe it looks stupid to blame system. Maybe it's Linas faul, but we saying he is not even a half of the player who can be.
We not saying any bad things, we talking about Raptors player, we talking positively
Scola, 20/9 player was a leading Argentina scorer, PF. Linas was a leading Lithuania scorer, PF this year. Not saying he is better than Scola, but he is not so terrible he is now. Look at this game, Argentina-Lithuania, FIBA WC 2010 Quarterfinals.

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