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Kleiza is what he is. He's an undersized 4. He's a tweener. He's a nice player off the bench. That's his ceiling. Sorry to break anyone's heart, but that's what he is. Yes, he was a good player in Greece last year, but that's because his game is made for the Euroleague.

Everyone is clamouring, saying, 'but why do Weems and DeRozan etc" get a shot....why? Because they're seen to have a future in the NBA and need to still develop. I'd argue we know what Kleiza is. We don't need to feed him minutes as he's essentially reached his peak in development. However, Weems and DeRozan have not. They're ceilings are higher than Kleiza's. While you may disagree, that's the thinking and I'd guarantee you that almost every team in the league would follow the same pattern (i.e. develop talent over playing mediocre developed talent).

By blaming it on the system is ridiculous. Would he fit the triangle? No. Would he fit Sloan's system? No, because it's all dependent upon pick and rolls and outside jumping shooting from the 3 and even 4. That's what Kleiza is doing now as well. He'd MAYBE fit a Princeton offence. MAYBE.

Kleiza is what he is. He's a 7th-8th man in the NBA. His tendency to get the ball, put his head down and drive or shoot is something that bothers me. He's an average offensive player. He's not quick, doesn't have an explosive first step but will have that game where his shot is clicking and he'll be able then to drive as the defender plays up on him. He reminds me alot of Delfino when he was here.

As for Turk. Please don't look at the numbers. He was a cancer here last year. Even some Turkish fans turned on him and how poorly he played. He had a horrible attitude.

And to mb666, Barbosa starting? Really? Who cares that he makes 7 million. He's a guy that's excelled off the bench his entire career. It's important that he stays there as he gives this team something off the bench.

Also, to think he'd excel with the Knicks is funny. Who's he going to replace? Chandler? Fields? Amare? Galo? C'mon....be realistic.

Further, Kleiza, played poorly against the US for a freaking reason.
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