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Originally Posted by mb666 View Post
Ever cross your mind that Turk was not a good match on either Toronto OR the Suns? Is that possible? He was a top 3 player on a Magic that went to the Finals! Have the Raptors ever even been to the finals in franchise history? Obviously Orlando was a great fit and he was amazing there.

Kleiza and his agent made it known to Denver not to match the contract. Yes they could have, but a team is not going to take that risk when he says he doesn't want to be there.

This thread is not titled "Kleiza" should be a starter. Argument is about how he is not a good fit here... regardless of starting. In fact, it was mentioned that Kleiza can be a good role player on a team like the Spurs... obviously he would be coming off the bench. Aside Bargnani, no single Raptor would should be starting on a contending team anyway.

What's so difficult to understand that Kleiza doesn't fit in Toronto's system? Similar analogies: Wall/Arenas don't fit together... The "Big Three" in Miami don't play well together when all are on the floor... Elton Brand did not work out in Philadelphia... etc. Kleiza fit better as a SG on Denver where their was ball movement and they were a playoff contender, then he does as either a PF/SF on Toronto.
how exactly does Kleiza not fit in the Toronto system? i'd love to hear how he doesnt fit... examples would be great... and please dont say that he'd be averaging 16 points if he 'fit' in our system.
is it because he is 'only' averaging 10/4?
what kind of stats were you expecting from him?
you say he fit in the Denver system, yet he put up the exact same stats in the exact same playing time. do you really believe that playing one year in Greece has somehow transformed a mediocre player into a star?
if he was back in Denver this season (a team you say he 'fit' in), do you think he would somehow be averaging more than 10/4?

its great that you mention Denver as a team where theres so much ball movement, when they average 21 assists per game... and Toronto has no ball movement yet we average 20 assists per game.
huge difference there.
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