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Originally Posted by mb666 View Post
I agree... He shouldn't be starting. But put him on a Spurs, Hornets, Thunder and he would be a great catalyst off the bench. Averaging 10/4 on a contender is far better than doing it on a team that is one of the worst teams in the league.

Like I said earlier, Kleiza needs to be on a team where the ball moves. The Raptors are a stagnant team. Play calling is essentially limited to guys going 1-on-1. This system fits certain guys (like Weems, who IMO would be irrelevant on a contender bc he needs the ball in his hands). Roles are key in the NBA

What's wrong with Turk? He averaged 11 pts, 4 assists and 5 rbs as a Raptor? During the 07-08 season he averaged 19 pts, 6 rbs, 5 assts and in 08-09 it was 17 pts, 5 rbs, 5 assts. Instead of you guys bashing Hedo, maybe it's possible he didn't fit into Triano's system. His numbers here were decent. But they still got significantly worse... did he become less talented overnight? Could be the system. In Phoenix his numbers are similar to Toronto with less minutes... plus you have a guy in Hakim Warrick that is breaking out. Hedo may be not worth the contract he received but he is a good player. It's suspicious how Bosh and Hedo criticized management and everyone hates the players.

In all reality, the only Raptor that is currently better than Hedo is Bargnani. So it is what it is.

Unlike Kleiza, Hedo is a playmaker. He played point-forward on Orlando. The Steve Nash analogy is irrelevant in this scenario because Hedo doesn't need to be set-up.

It's good that guys, whether Italians, Turks or Lithuanians, can comment about players they better understand than some of you considering you've probably been more focused on the Raptors instead of particular players. So maybe the complaints about Toronto, whether in terms of Turk, Belinelli, Kleiza are warranted. I mean there's no offensive system on this team. It's run and gun basketball = aka lets hope ESPN ranks us in the top 20 in the league. We shoot 70% from the field and blow out the Wizards... hooray! Big accomplishment. We beat Boston! Of course after playing a great team x amount of teams every year you will eventually beat them once.

It's getting pointless to argue this. Kleiza can be more productive elsewhere where there is an offensive where the ball moves. On the other hand, guys that are playmakers (need the ball) but possibly mediocre on other teams with offensive system (Weems in Denver) may be good in Toronto.
the turk reference was brought up because his fans would bombard this board with the same comments you are making... "he would do so much better on another team", "he isnt being used to his potential", "he needs to play with better players", blah, blah blah.
they were the first ones to comment on his stats and say that the 11/5/4 wasnt good enough and that he could do so much more.
1 year later, they get their wish and he ends up on a 'better team'... now he's been moved to the bench. what a coincidence. i wonder what those fans are saying now. maybe Phoenix isnt a good enough team for him either...

You guys seem to know first hand how good Kleiza is.
its just a surprise to me that if he's such a superstar, why Denver didnt match the offer we put out, and why on earth did no other team show more interest to sign him than the raptors?
but since he is such a talented player, i'd love to know your personal opinion on what other team in the league would he start on, and what other team in the league would he get more than 25 minutes a night?
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