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It is verging on insane to compare the American and French revolutions, where human rights were proclaimed and advanced, and the individual celebrated and empowered, to these fucks in Blackwater, who have a worldview that is all about advancing a brand of muscular christianity and ultimately establishing theocracies that could rival the worst cases of problematic islamist states. They are all about power for themselves in the name of a fucked up cause so remote from the original values enshrined by past revolutionaries, that said revolutionaries would surely rush off somewhere to overdose on laudenum if they ever had an inkling of what was to come.

The pirates do not just kill anyone and steal what they want. They are kids that have seen their own resources stripped away from them for next to nothing, and who are given guns and instructions by those that wield some speck of authority over them in a state that was allowed to fail while the oil kept flowing. They are one step above sex slaves in Thailand, and are hardly some kind of terrible threat causing a problem with no other solution than unquestioned bloodshed. The weapons put in their own hands came from Western nations that dumped guns and ammunition all over the continent of Africa so that young Africans could kill each other in proxy wars within the global to and fro of the cold war's influences. The corruption, the guns, the starvation, all came about from the US and the USSR vying for spots on the map they could paint red or blue. And the makers of the weapons, the whole while, made an insane killing. It is those manufacturers of death that seized the greatest advantage in the game, and it is that pit of fuck that Prince's Blackwater has dove into with a certain zealotry added to the original profit motive. They behave as though they are sanctioned to act on our behalf, but they in fact operate under their own principles, and generally above any kind of rule of law. If the world is an ugly place, they are doing everything they can to make it so, or worse. That doesn't excuse the actions of pirates, but can we please weigh one side where an entire population has been left powerless and helpless in the wake of a great deal of external political interference and corporate pillaging, against self-righteous bible-thumpers that assume great power, privilege and riches for themselves without ever needing to worry about being held to account? If we really need Blackwater, then I worry less about the ugly parts of the world, and much more about what we have become. Bring on the laudenum.

And the beautiful thing for us - is these fucks are working for the Canadian government in Afghanistan. Be happy that your tax dollars are going right into their pockets.
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