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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post

If you can't count on the so called Gov. to protect you, yet you have to accomplish the task of shipping, what else can you do? Become an idealist and wait for the stars for a perfect world to align? Strip down, smoke a joint and sing songs of freedom? World keeps spinning, and these Pirates deserve anything they get.

I think your beef should be with the people who are elected to protect international waters.... not the guys benefitting from their horrible attention to detail.
My problem is that a private enterprise has access to military technology when a certain nation forbids other private enterprises to own this same technology.

How does this message make any sense. We need to forbid terrorist organizations and stop them from obtaining weapons of mass destruction (based on my understanding unmaned drones and 50 cal. weapons fit the bill) but we'll let a private enterprise control them? Really? How does that make ANY sense? Oh, we know who operates Blackwater or whatever they're called now. They're OUR boys. Look, they fly an American Flag, so they're good!

It's the message I have some serious problems with and allowing essentially, mercenaries to do this job.

And while I do agree that international waters need to be patrolled more vigilantly, I do not believe this should be held in the hands of private individuals.

No matter what, these individuals do not have the right to simply use deadly force. They're a private organization. They're not military. They're not a government etc.
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