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sj and i have been pm'ing this conversation as well... seeing as how i responded to his question there and he has posted a similar point here, i am cutting and pasting my response. i just don't feel like typing it all again.

I told him that in my life on this planet i have a choice between being accomodating on one hand and gobbling up what i need and trampling on people's backs on the other... an overstatement, but you get my point...

Originally Posted by Superjudge
Oh I see.

So by not wanting to legislate special priveldge (edit - this is regarding parking spots), a person is trampling on other peoples backs?

That doesn't sound right to me.
i would say yes, in a way it is. it's about selflessness vs selfishness. if you think it's more important to get to the shop 30 seconds faster than to provide accessible parking for expectant mothers i would say that's pretty selfish.

and this is precisely my point. you are seeing it as a special privilege for them and thereby completely ignoring the invisible privilege that you enjoy everyday by way of being a (i'm about to make a couple of assumptions here that i'm pretty sure are true) fairly healthy, reasonably well-off white man. i know you've had your injuries and that you live in parkdale, but you just don't experience the same barriers to inclusion that, say, an expectant refugee mother from Eritrea might face.

this is not about creating a special privilege for people in need. it's about unpacking and sharing the privilege that we take for granted every day.
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