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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post

Good points.

However, I don't feel as though it's place to worry about other people who may have put themselves, on thie ron volition, into a place where they may have to have a compromised world.

Lets shelf the Disabled part, as you know I'm just fuckin about with that, that is a givin.

But lets talk Pregnant women and children. Did I get pregnant? Did I show up with children? Nope. Then why do i have to cater to those that did?

In a world that could use a positive growth rate like it could use a hole in the head, why should I feel the need to participate in the club that says "hey man, on eday you'll need help with little ones too"?

I don't see how any individual should be made to the needs of another person who, lets face it, is NOT in dire need, they are justa little inconvenienced.

If thats the case, then yes in deed the poor bastard who just worked a double shift and has to shop for his groceries as he has no other time in the week to do so, but feels like ass and in some situations might be on the verge of some form of exhaustion deserves a spot too. Or is that a special situation as he is not a woman with a baby? I'm not sure how this is any different. We all have cloices in life, and we have to make do. But my choices don't make me exampt from living life the sam eway any of you do. We all have times wher ewe need help. Should we expect is, feel entitled? Humanity is no longer humnity when it's legislated, it's law.
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