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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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Originally Posted by Major View Post
Okay, like, there is not one thing correct in that sentence right there.

We adore Sundin, and will still adore him if he goes to another team. And that is definitely a fact. He is by far the greatest to put on a Leaf jersey and you think that we thought he sucked? Nice try jeff.

Bryan McCabe used to be a VERY good defensemen. Why else would he make Team Canada in the Olympics? He was rated the 3rd best d-man and then after he signed that $5.75 million contract, everything just broke down. Now we all bash for his past two brutal seasons. He is actually #1 on our bash list believe it or not.

Tie Domi, I mean how can you possibly even say anything about him. He was never supposed to be a 30 goal scorer. He was supposed to be our scrapper. And he's the best we've got in a long time. I don't understand how you mean by "ruled".

Lastly. Darcy. First of all don't ever call him Fucker.
Darcy, believe it or not, used to be our main scorer after Sundin. Not only was he a scrapper, which is really his primary position, be he was definitely a scorer, a 25 goal scorer. When he played 56 games. That's almost 2 goals per game. Is he good now? Not really. And it's probably because he's getting older. So yeah, we did say he ruled. Because he did.

Now I don't want you guys quoting this post and saying "Typical delusional Leaf fan" or anything like that. Cause the above is all true and I just hate and when assholes don't know shit about hockey, yet they still rip on the Leafs. We know it's been 41 years since a cup, we know it's been 3 yrs since playoffs, like, we're not stupid. Stop trying to sound like you know what you're talking about.
The problem is that JFJ

A: Underestimated the kind of play you would need to win in the new NHL
B: Gave these dudes No Trade Clauses and No Movement Clauses - they essentially fucked themselves over
C: Re-upped guys like Tucker, McCabe when they should have traded them at their highest value.

McCabe WAS a good defenseman until they implemented the 'can opener' rule. After he couldn't do that move, he was fucked.

You know why people rip on the Leafs? Because ignorant Leaf fans walk around the town like their team is the shit. I went to a game last year against the Habs - my friend and his family are die hard Habs fans. After the game - a game in which the Leafs won in OT, a group of Leaf fans decided to get right in my friend's dad's face, verbally assaulting him.

I once got into a fight in union station after a Rangers game beacuse of obnoxious Leaf fans.

That's why people LOVE to hate on the Leafs and their delusional fans.

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