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Originally Posted by Benzo View Post
Yes, I like to beat a dead horse.

I have read in some other threads that Jose will return to backup upon T.J's return.

So I ask those of you *cough cough, Swan*.

What would Jose have to do to keep himself in the starting line-up...what numbers would he possibly have to put up to show you guys, that he is in fact the starter for this team?

Don't tell me why you think T.J is better, just what under blue skys could Jose possibly do more?
Give Tj a REALLY hard hit on the back with a lead pipe would likely do the trick

Seriously...aside from the fact that a starting player should never lose his job because of an injury i'm not sure how Jose can make himself a more suited starting point guard for this team with this roster.

I suppose he could be a little more selfish in certain situations when his team needs instant offense. He's really worked on his shot in the past couple years and really could be averaging over 15ppg as a starter.

He has shown the ability to get to the bucket but he doesnt' in my opinion do it enough. Our team is really built well for the drive and kick offense but he tends to settle outside the arc and attempt to generate ball movement that way...which as we've seen doesn't work for 48 mins. Our team really isn't designed like a detroit or even portland did it well..moving the ball around on it's own against some of the better defenses. If he would penetrate more and kick out, guys like Parker and Kapono would be more effective. Lately Sam has had to tweak the offence to get Parker more invovled and i've noticed as a result he's handling the rock a lot more and curling off screens to get mid range jumpers and some dunks. Last year...how many 3's did we get from a TJ drive and kick and then 3 passes around the arc to an open Parker or MoPete in the corner? We dont' ever see that play with Jose running the show.

I guess the other thing is defence. He's really not that great a defender even though he tries and has long arms. I wouldn't call him a liability but he doesn't do quite enough to disrupt the opposing team's pg enough to make up for it. With his size and length and intelligence I think he could be a more effective defender with some work though. He's definitely shown a propensity to learn and grow as a player despite his age and experience internationally.

Seriously i dont' dislike Jose or his game, but i believe TJ is the right type of pg for the team the way it's constructed...and I believe that BC and Sam's view of the team's future is a good one and i strongly beleive you dont' lose your job when you get hurt. For those reasons...when TJ is back and at 100% he should and will start again.
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