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Default Benzo's Douchbag List.

As the first post in this soon to be wicked thread. I will make a list of people who are douchbags in the news.

1.Toronto FC fans
Now before Fancy gets angry...I am making reference only to those who decided to boo the American National Anthem at the All-Star game yesterday, I hate anthems at sporting events....but please asshats, don't boo another countries anthem.

2.Service Union at Mt.Pleasant Cemetary
Ok, you want to go on strike and get a new deal. However if it was one of my families funeral procession you guys were harrassing, there would have been some more graves you guys want more money to fill, disgusting

3. Toronto Maple Leafs Fans
I can appreciate the loyalty to such a franchise, but I've never met Leafs fan who's had realistic expectations. I'd say most Leafs fans are 95% delusional. No offense guys. Not to mention most are obnoxious as hell
That is all....for now.

4.Rush/Hip Fans
Just because they are Canadian Doesn't make them good

You're not John Lennon. nuff said.

6.Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Oprah, Rosie O'Donnell, etc....
If you're on a talk show unrelated to politics you need to shut up and NOT discuss politics. I don't care if you love Bush or not; I don't care if you think Obama is god; I don't care if you think Gay and Lesbian rights should be all over the planet. If you're on one of those ridiculous day time talk shows, stick to what you know. Entertainment. You're hardly qualified to give an opinion on politics. Leave it to individuals who actually have political talk shows. This way, regardless of opinion you're receiving an opinion you're anticipating. Otherwise, shut the hell up!

For not knowing that it's spelled "douchebag"...

8.Don f'ing Cherry
If you are a know-nothing, hockey-obsessed jack-ass with no political import or sensitivity whatsoever, do not use your show for political purposes and to throw garlands at the military for their heroic work. Stick to the hockey you f'ing bonehead.

9.Car Smokers
Adults who smoke in cars with little kids sitting behind them. I don't care if your window is down. It's still wrong.

10. Doc and CG
For hating on the Beatles

For mentioning the Wutang Clan as the Best Band Ever.

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