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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
lol - we desperately need ford to save us from this 3 game winning slump ... Without TJ, there's no way we win more than 55 games ...

Originally Posted by Sick, Wicked and Nasty! View Post
Well heck if we play new york and philly two out of every three games, we coudl win with Jose

Poor poor TJ....guys snap out of it. Take it easy guys ,"moremilk" please warm it up and offer some to your friend,Sick, Wicked and Nasty. Now that you guys have drank your milk like good little boys lets get back to business.Like it or not Jose is the guy for the future for the Raptors not TJ. Bosh and Jose have been your best 2 players all year. So don't get me started on this Jose vs TJ thing. Let me walk you through this slowly....last years team had garbo, and a rookie named bargnani, both played a big role with our team finishing first, the pg situation was solid with Jose and TJ working together. Remember how Garbo was looked at as the glue on last years team, well it looks like many have forgotten very quickly how important he was for this club.Same goes with Bargs, fans are starting to forget how important he was for our team last year. Remember how us fans were devastated when Bargs had surgury, remember how devastated we were when Garbo when down.Now many of you just want to throw them out the window.Would we be in the same position if we had Bargs and garbo of last years team ? I know that Jose was outstanding last year and has come back stronger this year. Our point guard is not the issue, believe it or not we have one of the best now in Jose and he will just get better. We don't really miss TJ as a starter we miss TJ coming off the bench to give Jose a break. But really if we had a healthy Garbo and a confident Bargs the name of Ford would have been TJ who . I will conclude with a life story of mine, back in my younger days when I was being scouted for the national team. I was playing for the ontario team when a national team scout talked to me about my game, he told me that he saw alot of potential in my game. I talked to my ontario coach after talking to the national scout. My ontario coach told me that scouts look for potential, he said that if a coach sees you do something well during a game,but you are not consistant it does not matter . Meaning if they see you do it once they believe with good coaching it would make you a better player. Its like a baseball scout watching a hitter hit a bomb out of the park, the hitter just showed the scout that he has power to drive the ball 450 feet. The scout now records that info,now its up to a good coach to get that batter to hit more bombs consistantly through good instruction. So where am I going with this.... coach mitchell has seen what Bargs is capable, so why in the hell does he not let him play, there was no excuse why Bargs was not on the floor in the second half eating up minutes, hell we were down around 20 points at one time.For us to get better Bargs must play. When a player is always looking over to the bench you know he is pressing. Mitch better smarten up, I think this new contract of his has gotten to head.A better Bargs means a better team, we are missing garbo but hes hurt so we move on, same thing with TJ. So keep drinking your milk and stop blaming everything because we don't have TJ.
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