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Originally Posted by XiaominWu View Post
uhhh..... that is 100% Leo Rautins being unable to stop being ass for even a second. That is Leo Rautins mocking Chuck and being a dickwad bully. Yeah, I said bully, cuz that's how Leo behaved.

Chuck had a good thing going for a while with the Salami and Cheese call.... he was lowkey about it and said it when he thought the game was over......but Leo felt it was necessary to make it a major issue every time.... felt it was more important to talk about that than actually talk about the game.

So, yes..... Chuck's catchisms began to get annoying towards the end of his stay..... but I certainly don't think that is all Chuck's fault.
i agree xw, sort of. you are right that leo bullied him about the s&c call, but if chuck hadn't pushed and pushed and pushed for that call to become commonplace, and if he hadn't 'pulled it out' 2 minutes into the 3rd quarter of kobe's 81 pt game, leo never would have been tempted and i wouldn't have been so completely sick of the damn call by then. and this is just 1 of 10000 completely overused and irritating 'chuckisms'. we could talk about 18 parkerville court or the little engine or eating some rim or an nba facial or ka-bosh or mp3 download, and on and on and on and on. everything had a catch phrase, and every one of them was provincial and silly. if there were just a few they would have been quirky and enthusiastic, but there were an unlimited supply of them, and each one lamer than the last. in the end it was irritating and unprofessional. chuck was just too damn eager and he had no idea when to give it a rest. i loved chuck for the first 3 years, but after hearing the same old thing game after game it became so over the top that i couldn't stand him anymore.

no excuses for leo's crap either, but chuck was unbearable.
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