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Originally Posted by thought View Post
who hates leafs fans other than fans of other toronto sports teams?

i think it boils down to an inferiority complex
Hense one reason. Leafs or leaf fans are hated it must be that they feel inferior? Of what exactly? A team that has mostly sucked for over 4 decades? Or their fans that continue to be more delusional then any other fanbase that i know of. A fanbase that idolizes goons (ie: Tie Dummy) and have trouble embrassing skill unless they also throw a fist.

Maybe because they start threads in a basketball forum when the team starts a season 3-0, when theres a perfectly fine NHL/Loafs thread already where people are already in there drooling over them. Or maybe it's a leaf fan mentioning the leafs in the same sentence with real winners like ManU, Yankees, Lakers. This is a team that has done nothing, not even made the finals in 43yrs, yet the fans celebrate every winning streak, playoff appearance overachiening player moment as if they're gods. And when they inevitably fail they say shit like, well they played hard, let's see what Burkie can do. Yet these same leaf fans who are "fans" of other teams, when they see these other teams fail they are as harsh on them as harsh gets. They suck, it'sll be ten years before we do anything....blah, blah, blah. Ahhhh, are you also a leaf fan....ahh sit down!

Leafs fans are insecure and always question why people hate them and their shit overhyped and over exposed team. Leaf fans are hated throughout this country everytime they hear some schmuck say that Toronto is the Hockey Meca, which is laughable. About as laughable as Knicks fans/broadcasters saying NY is the meca of Basketball. Hense delusional.

Some Leaf fans are hated because they're leaf fans, not hockey fans and aren't that knowledgable. Leaf fans act as if this is ludacris, but i've seen and heard it, nobody can convince me otherwise so don't even begin to try. And if you think i'm the only one that thinks this......delusional.

Leaf fans talk about all their cups, ahhh yeah when there was 6 f'ing teams (except 1967). Quit living in the past.

To you saying it's just fans of other Toronto sports fans:

Yesterday, me and Lynch were engaging in one of our favourite pastimes, making fun of the Toronto Maple Leafs. When I did the sports update at 6pm, I mentioned that the Leafs were a point up on Detroit and we started saying “Time to get on the bandwagon people! The spirit of ‘67 is back”…..essentially making fun of Leaf’s fans eternal optimism (and sometime lack of reality).
Hating the Leafs isn’t just a western thing. In fact, its about as key to the Canadian experience as drinking a Molson Canadian, owning flannel and skinny dipping in a cold lake or river. One merely has to look at the children’s story The Hockey Sweater (about a young boy in Quebec accidentally receiving a Leafs jersey instead of a Rocket Richard inspired Habs sweater) to realize that outside of some parts in Ontario, hating and complaining about TML is about the most patriotic thing you can do aside from singing the national anthem.
“It’s all about arrogance, the center of the universe thing”

newsboy Blog Archive Why We Hate (The Toronto Maple Leafs)

The Leafs and their fans are hated by many in this country. Believe it or not, that's your choice.

Another great one i have heard from the odd leaf fan "Leaf haters are just jealous" Of WTF exactly?

FUCK, When i was a leaf fan......i hated Leaf fans. lol

Montreal>>>>>>>>>Toronto as a franchise and a fanbase.

^^^ This Youtube is OLD but still fun, and relevant. lol

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