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1) ill give you that point.

2) ill cover that point later

3) CO-OP

This is already taking place for a good amount of time, i believe students do CO-OP for maybe 4-5 months in the school year, which is plenty of time to understand there possible work environment, whether they hate it or love it. You then continued this argument after my 6th argument, talknig about job "workshops", where students go to school to learn a certain job/ trade. this seems like extra work, which is something that you are implying that shouldnt happen, or it makes it seem like these summer skill/job workshops will be seperate from the school curriculum taking place only in the summer months. either way, both are implying more work, either during the extended time, or just added in during the summer months.

also, im sure you have heard of an apprenticeship, where students coming out of high school can be taught a trade by while being in the workforce. This is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to start replacing the baby boomers.

5) ill incorporate a few answers in one, including your statement against my 2nd argument.

Now, your childhood seems like it was quite tough growing up, and if you managed to make a success out of yourself after all that, then i applaud your efforts.

however, i think that towards this whole case, your main argument is that it is too difficult for students as there is so much coming at them at once. You stated that you had a "small intellectual disability", now i dont know your meaning of small, or exactly what disability you would have, however based on what i have seen before, im going to assume you had a learning disability, where it takes longer for you to grasp new concepts, which could be the reason you are supporting this. Perhaps school was a bit more difficult for you compared to other students because of that.

My thoughts on your "overworking" idea:

first of all, i have to say my first point may not be the best, as it is from my personal experience. I have completed 2 years of high school without a single final mark under 70%, i have taken taken both academic (also known as university prep courses) and advance-placement courses. For me personally, even though school can get a bit difficult and stressful sometimes, i dont usually have big troubles with it. now, i dont like to say it, but i may be a bit "smarter" than the average student, which would make my school time easier, however, from what i have noticed, it seems like, in the general population of my school, those who are able and willing, pass there courses. Those who dont put the effort in, do not pass.

Because my point of view could be flawed since it is only from my experience, ill give you my fathers point of view.

He grew up in Europe, and every other week tells me how much more difficult his schooling was. He would tell me how he would would have to do 4-5 hours of homework a night (many of my European friends have said the same). so, it seems like my education is far simpler than that of other places and i should be doing more.

and finally, i apologize for calling people who cant find something to do with there summer vacation dumb. However i also had to babysit, and live in a semi-bad neighborhood (parents trust me to go out though) i still managed to have fun everyday in the summer.

im sorry if i missed anything, i wrote to much again, and i think im losing track of what i wanna say, so ill end it here.

and sorry for not using quotes, im still new to responding on this site and wanted to get my point across rather than get my point across and have it look pretty.
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