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Originally Posted by simplycrazy View Post
Had to log in to reply to this.
as a 16 year old i have to say no.

1st: the heat and humidity of the summer would make it hell to be in an underfunded school (such as mine, it was bad in may, it would be horrible in july/ August) Learning/stdying is extremely difficult in such heat, studying for my exams in june with 40 degree weather was not easy.
Alright so in countries in hot climates they just don't take exams with the same type of weather as well? People always find a way to study because they have the drive to learn no matter the situtation, and I applaud you for learning in such a hard and tough enviroment.

2nd: takes out possibility of summer school. Summer school is used for failed courses, or to promote to an even higher course, or to simply get an extra credit out of the way. Students rely on this so they do not need to take a 5th year, so they can get extra credits, or so they can take courses they like, as well as get the required courses for university programs. Teachers do summer school for extra money if neccesary.
Again, with all the overworked students in the system, of course summer school is popular because not everyone can shove all that learning in a small time.

3rd: summer programs. Schools offer a whole lot of summer programs that are very good. For example my school offers students the possibility to travel to africa for 3-4 weeks in the summer and do some type of charity work. there are many other programs, that are just as meaningful as these. THey are life changing programs, that you do not get to experience sitting behind a text book.
That could be an option, instead of a classroom setting during the summer. Don't think my idea of a year long education is all about sitting behind a textbook. They're great programs out there that are like introduction to co-op which in turn can help make a studen choose what they want in the future and give them a taste of what it's like. That's why with an extended school year they can explore that option a lot more.

4th: summer job. Personally, no way in hell that my parents will be able to pay for university alone.
My father died when I was 5 and my mother had to take care of me, and during those hard times I had to be dropped off at a summer school camp that takes care of kids like me while my mom worked hard to get the education that i needed, during my high school years I was overworked and had to take summer school plus a 5th year to catch up not because I had so much assignments because I had all these assignments in such a short time just because I was a slow learning in school plus I had an autistic brother to support and had a part time job. What I'm trying to say is that when school is extended throughout the year the load is light and comes in at a slower pace unlike now where it all comes hard, fast and all at once.

5th: teacher - ciriculum aspect. My high school is relitivly small, about 800 students. during the summer, the new student - schedual creating process - mailing - schedual changing process takes well over a month. If there would be no summer vacation (or a shorter one) then come school time the course scheduals would be so messed up it would be chaos. With only 800 students, and an entire 2 months to plan the scheduals, it was still chaos.

Not only that, but the amount of time it takes usually to plan the teaching curriculum, order new materials, if neccesary, which it usually is in some cases (most of the time the science departments), schools wouldnt even be ready to in such a short period of time. especially in under-funded schools like mine.
I will be honest I cannot answer that, that is a very good point.

6th: students. the amount some students hate school. skipping classes has is a normal now, and even of you go to classes, many students dont do anything in them. if you extend the amount of school more students will get fed up, and there will be less effort put through. I know this because usually around march students get tired of school and start to not do there school work.

So essentially, your gonna take a whole summer full of nothing, and convert that to a bunch of nothing in school while the teacher is getting paid.
Again with point #3, summer classes can be an introduction to a workplace or something they are interested in the possibility of finishing school earlier, getting a high school diploma at the age of 17 and going to college right away. I talk to my friends alot about something like that and it seems like a good idea in their opinion, plus the economy now needs that boost of workers right away with all the workers retiring soon from the baby boom era.

personally, i will never give up my summer, if the change does happen in my schooling life time. Ive discussed this with my parents, and we have agreed that if this does take place, while im in school (we have heard discussion about this in many different places) then i will move to Europe and live with my Aunt, and go to school there.

summer vacation should stay, the only people i ever notice, who do "Nothing" during summer, are people who are too dumb to find fun/ something useful to do by themselves.

i think its a horrible idea to take summer vacation away, or even to shorten it by a large margin.

i hope i dont have to write any more of these giant posts. :/
Calling people dumb because they have nothing to do during the summer is not really fair, what about people who have to take care of siblings who are too young while their parents are at work? Kids in a dangerous neighbourhood that have protective parents that want them to stay inside.

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