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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
I think that the judge who made this ruling is naive in thinking that it's only a social nuisance. I don't think she has ever saw one nor seen one in her neighborhood before.

Many of the ones I've seen are turning tricks for two things. Meth and Crack. That's it. I've seen many use it in the same vicinity where they are turning tricks. And this isn't some back alley where it's happening. It's typically in parks.

I can speak to two occasions where it's happened in parks in recent memory about 50 yards away from children I'd find the crack pipe. How is that only being considered a social nuisance?

I'd love to see pimps, johns and prostitutes take up their trade in the ritziest neighborhoods in this country and then I'd like to hear back what they have to say and if it should become 'legal'. For the most part the business isn't 'organized' with set locations. It's about men selling women or sometimes men selling men, to take advantage of a dangerous addiction.
the whole point of this is to legitimize the trade to create safety, both for the workers and for communities. setting it up in established businesses with benefits and proper wages would go a long way to reducing the involvement of drugs and criminality. when you think of crack and meth, you are thinking of street walkers. the value of this decision is that it takes the trade off the streets and puts it into storefronts that can be regulated.

another strong advantage is that it takes power away from pimps and puts it into the hands of the women who do the work. if you aren't criminal, you no longer need the same level of street protection. a smart woman could have a location and a security guard and could control her own employment instead of being a slave to a pimp.

the reality is that prostitution is not going to go away. i am happy to see a judge take a progressive stance to legitimize the trade and create safety and security for the women rather than finding some convoluted argument to criminalize sex and force prostitutes into unsafe working conditions.
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