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Originally Posted by Renihan_00 View Post
I think a lot of people waste money on ridiculous things they don't need or they buy something greater than their needs.

I have no problem with people buying something better than the basic need but it always floors me when people pay money for things far in excess of the items actual functionality.

For example:

Purse A-
A plastic bag. Cost: 5 cents

Purse B-
Moderate quality purse. Cost $100 (roughly)

Purse C-
High end purse, cost $1,500 (roughly).

I can understand the justification moving A to B. You are buying something that looks nicer, has more durability, will last longer, more pockets, can be closed firmly, has more capacity, can be carried on a shoulder.

It's the people that purchase purse C I don't understand. You gained a lot of functionality for $99.95 by moving from A to B.

What functionality do you get for your extra $1,400 dollars by moving from B to C. What justifies that increased cost?

I think a lot (not all) of people that buy luxury goods buy then to make themselves feel awesome not because the item itself is actually awesome. I find that rather sad.

Disclaimer- I did not pick purses to start a whole "women are the culprits" claim here. I just find it is a lot easier to go with this example then a car or electronics which vary so heavily in the capabilities.
I have this conversation so much. Again the other day, in fact.

I don't get it. I know people who spend obscene amounts of money for something that they could've bought (in a different brand) at 90% less than what they paid.

Even if I won the lottery tomorrow, I could never justify that. I'd still look for good prices and well-made stuff.

And for the record... I've never paid more than $40 for a purse. Ha.
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