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Originally Posted by SnoochieBoochie View Post
Man, my point is that if your gatting anxious, the weed aint clean. Come to the east coast and smoke some or our ganga and you feel nice.
That's just incorrect

Anxiety attacks and whatnot most often result from the person smoking it, not the weed itself.

I've never heard of an entire group of people all getting panic attacks or whatever at the same time, right after smoking. It's usually one person who has a bad reaction to it.

Regardless, the whole concept of "weed is good" or "weed is bad" is stupid. if you like it, it's good. If you don't, it's bad. It can't be generally decreed as good or bad because obviously it does different things to different people.

I like alcohol, but some people can't drink it without getting sick. As such, for me to say alcohol isn't harmful would be incorrect, even though it isn't harmful to me personally.

So anyone trying to tell Aar that weed "isn't harmful" is wrong. It's negative effects are well documented. At the same time, anyone making weed out to be particularly harmful is also wrong, because many of those negative effects are are overstated by parents and media and the like (usually, to be honest, people who have never smoked weed or never gotten used to smoking weed)

It's not physically killing anybody, and it's not physically aiding anybody either. Mentally, different people experience different things. Some peoples lives may have been significantly negatively effected by it. It is also very possible for peoples live to be positively effected by it.

Like it or not though, it's a waste of time, money and effort for people to continue portraying it in the same negative way it currently is.

And the east coast is certainly not the place to be if you're looking for quality product
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