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Default The rumor thread

I just thought that it'd be nice to have a thread where the really flimsy rumors go, just for fun, you know. When they get more substantiated they get their own threads.

Such as this one, from a post on RealGM:

This rumor is hearsay so lock this up if you want. Sean May and his girlfriend were at a wedding I was at this past weekend. His girlfriend (Grace) is good friends with the girl that was getting married. They were saying that they were leaving for Vegas on Sunday......May was going to go through some drills or something with the summer league team. Well one of my friends was saying yesterday that Grace was bitching cause they never made it to Vegas.....instead they went to Utah. Supposedly he worked out for Sloan and had a physical. He's saying that if his tests are clean that he and Gerald are gone......for Carlos Boozer. Again, this is hearsay and probably false cause I haven't heard anything about this. Did Sean make it to Vegas? If this did come true I'll take it but what's Boozer's contract status?
Here's why it would make sense for Utah: Boozer's contract. It expires next year and considering his past and the volume of teams with capspace next summer, as well as the fact that Okur is also unrestricted, it's very possible someone throws out a Shard-like contract at him next year that the Jazz can't match. Furthermore, these playoffs proved that they can't win with Boozer and Okur's weakness defensively together, not to mention Booz played like a bitch against Gasol, it's hard to imagine him against someone not soft. But if you slide AK down to the 4 where he belongs (which might rejuvinate him offensively anyways), and then put Wallace at the 3, along with their solid bench, you have a very interesting lineup. Wallace would be injured a lot, but Utah's remaining lineup would be good enough to keep them afloat while he is. It's a risk, but it could pay off.

Charlotte gets to trade a player who's injured too much to be a centerpiece for their franchise or get them to the playoffs, for one of the league's best PFs who would work perfectly next to Okafor, and their first trip to the playoffs. Next year it'll be hard to keep him, but they'll have like 15 mil worth of expiring contract with Morrison's gross deal going, so they'll be able to find someone. And if they do make the playoffs, Charlotte will be seen as a slightly greener place to sign. And maybe they will lock him up. In any case, it'd better than settling for a 9th or 10th seed this year with Jrich/injured GWallace/Okafor/Felton.

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