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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
i facepalmed dvs because, quite frankly, i never posted that anything was wrong with subways, and i never said streetcars were the way to go. also, quite frankly, no past mayor or current candidate would disagree. the point is that, whatever crazy numbers he wants to mention, those subway lines are hugely expensive, and totally unaffordable given the numbers he discusses and given the lack of federal investment. municipal politicians have been over this a million times. miller did not avoid subways in favour of streetcars because he though streetcars were in any way better, he did it because that is what they city could afford. to think that ford has suddenly struck upon the unique idea that an expanded subway is a good thing is ridiculous.

this talk of 'elitist torontonians' is silly. this has nothing to do with the elite. we need smart people. ford is proving to be an imbecile. i don't care where anyone is from, what school they went to, how much money they have or who they have read. what i care about is sensible decision-making, a sense of civic history, and a fair handling of facts - especially including fiscal promises. ford is failing miserably om all of these fronts yet is somehow convincing people that he speaks some kind of truth. the way toronto is swallowing his propaganda machine is alarming. there is simply little truth in it.

voters are too smart for a guy like ford. he's simply not representative of our city, no matter how many times he appeals to the lcd.

there are not a lot of good candidates, this is surely true, but rob ford is most certainly not one of them. his transit plan is a re-hashed mishmash of old ideas rejected because they are too expensive. the only new thing he seems to have added is the colour-coded curbs idea, as if we can't read signs... but what really worries me is the hit that our social institutions will take. but that is something for another thread.
If he is elected...he is......the sentence makes you sound like an elitist torontonian.
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