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Originally Posted by Windex View Post
why is it "American style hate media" when 60+ countries have biased news agency's
if its private dollars then he can put it on and the audience will decide to watch it
if people arent watching it, it will lose money and go off the air
Actually there is a thing called the CRTC. The airwaves are ours, and should be regulated as such, and not just rented out to the highest bidder. The fact that the CRTC is facing political interference in order to allow the PM's buddy to get this through should worry anybody and everybody.

And how will it lose money if we pay for it through our cable fees? Whether it is watched or not will not effect it's profitability. It's the way the capitalist system works when you start off at the top of the food chain. Brilliant huh?

If this was just a matter of biased news that would be one thing. It's actually mostly opinion, with news coverage being a very secondary concern after the promotion of specific ideological viewpoints, and the support of the most extreme conservative politicians. The Republican Party once had a wide range of representatives and thinkers in their ranks. Now if you say something that does not fall in line with the FOX talking points, you will lose your job and lose your support and be tossed out of the party altogether. Just ask David Frum.

Our political system already suffers from the injection of extremists from the US as advisers to the PM. And the attempt to make the political system generally unworkable has already succeeded to a large extent. To go to further extremes is not something that should be taken lightly as a case of laissez faire economics.

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