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Originally Posted by Dr. J. Naismith View Post
Personally I think Bosh, Ford and Bargnani are the problem here in Toronto and last night was evident that we don't need them.

LOL ... could you imagine if I was serious?
Heh, we need those guys so much for long term success though, it's not even funny (though I know you were being sarcastic Doc!).

My classic example (Raptors flavour, too) was when we signed Mark Jackson. He was getting KILLED by Alvin Williams in practises and Alvin was kicking ass off the bench so we did what we thought was smart and traded Jax at the mid point of the season (I think we got Chris Childs in the deal, and someone else). And while Childs did have cojones for the playoffs and our team improved defensively, our offence slipped noticeably because we no longer had a smart, savvy point guard feeling out the defense for us, creating looks for Vince and other guys.

It was the point I realized that, with point guards especially, how they are as an individual player isn't nearly as important as how they make the team play.


In that vein, I'm thoroughly convinced Jose is the PG of the future for this team. While TJ has a penchant for spectacular drives, Jose is becoming the emotional leader of this team, as well as the unselfish heart of the offense. We take his identity when he's on the floor. Ditto TJ - we get into selfish mode at times when he's out there.

Bosh and Bargnani I think are both coping with various ailments, and we won't see their true colours for awhile. I've made threads on 'trade Bargnani' (ie on EZE) and I always think up these scenarios because I want us to be a better basketball team, and while I am frustrated as shit with Bargnani's play, I do think he will regain his confidence, swagger and game. It will just take awhile because of the harsh expecations that come with being a #1 pick.

Shit look at how good Dwight Howard is this year. Nobody expected this so quickly; I figured him to dance around 20ppg, not become a 22 point 14 rebound monster!!!! A year or two can make a massive difference for a player.

With that said, I think the days of expecting 25/10 from Bargnani are over. He's going to be a great role player and hopefully a solid starter who can explode for points in some games but will be quiet in others.
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