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Oh SJ, I'm not saying by any stretch of the means that MLSE has done a great job because in reality we all know they haven't. And by no means was my post done as a defence of that organization.

Rather, my post was that we can't simply blame one side all the time. At some point, the media and the fans are also to blame because that organization has made a ton of money by catering to the general public. Not neccessarily a good thing and not neccessarily a bad thing depending on the perspective.

I agree though, that MLSE during the period let's say dating 2003-2006 was always searching for bargain basement replacements of coaches, GMs, players when it came to their basketball operations. The feeling I believe though was that the general population really didn't care about basketball therefore they treated it as a non entity. However, once their corporate image amongst NBA circles began to be seen on par with Donald Sterling, the Atlanta Hawk group and others, it was at that point where movements were made to hire Bryan Colangelo and establish the Raptor trademark as one of great prestige. And now, MLSE is essentially raking in the money because they realize what a gold mine they are really sitting on.

But I agree, that the top organization DOES deserve it's criticism because the media/public have history on their side. What I don't agree with is when that criticism is directed at the GM/players/Coaches for not doing the popular move amongst the media circle or the message board ciricle; essentially not doing what they are TOLD to do by poeple who aren't qualified to really have a say; and it essentially picks up a life of its own (see my earlier post for example.

Now this isn't a defence of BC by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, it's me saying I have enough of the media and some people on our board saying that we're not close. I would say we're closer than we were 2 years ago and at LEAST we're doing something to establish a culture of winning. But then again, that's just me.
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