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Basically what's occurring right now is the fall out from a trade that seems pretty unpopular amongst the reporting ring in Toronto. Andwhensomething is not popular amongst the reporters in the city, they all attack it and point out obvious flaws.

But I always bring up the Jays seeing how they were the last Toronto team to actually have won anything in the past 20 years. But I remember reading that when the Jays made their big trade for Robbie Alomar et al how many media member HATED that trade? Yet in hindsight many view that trade as the building blocks to winning a championship.

On the other hand, you have the media in this city basically saying what the Leafs should and should not do. Go after Owen Nolan, go after Dimitri Kristich, fire Paul Maurice, fire this guy, sign this guy. And what happens? They end up bowing to public pressure; then they fail and are blamed for not winning.

Here we have a GM who basically said a big fuck you to what the media and public thinks we should get, i.e. maggette, wallace, etc. Yet, he decides to make the move that he feels is the BEST move for his team. We all wanted a guy who could stand up to Peddie and MLSE and have the balls to make bold moves. Maybe what we should have said is we want a guy who can stand up to the board and do what WE want him to do and then we'll be happy. Hell, I remember when Grunwald was told by the city of toronto to resign, alvin williams, jerome williams and antonio davis and trade Charles Oakley because he cost us the win against Philly. And it occurred, not 1.5 years later, Grunwald was killed by the media for making these moves and wad advocated to be fired in the same media that old he to make these "good" moves. Brilliant.

I'm just sick of some of the criticisms I'm finding because they're not constructive. The one thing I'm seeing out of the past 3 Toronto teams is that every off season we're not "staying pat" but making moves; we're establishing a winning culture. Last season we could've let Smitch walk, but instead we chose continuity at that position, something we have NEVER had (see our revolving door). To me this is far more important, because if you look at players, they don't really care where they play, they care where they can win and not have to fight for the playoffs. And right now, we're on the cusp of being a potential lock for the playoffs year in, year out.

But I forgot, we're too short sighted to see this. We're out in the 2nd round. Hmmm....interesting, that would match our best season ever too....so what a failure.
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