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I'm kinda surprised at the poll results.
I thought Canadians would be more clear-minded, so I'm interested to hear some counterpoints.

Originally Posted by thought View Post
it looks to me like the muslims are just trying to start shit. of course the americans aren't going to appreciate muslim-architecture on the site of a muslim-attack, they know this. they get what they want when the americans protest, "look at us, we want to build a religious structure and they won't let us, we're oppressed."

realistically it should have nothing to do with the religious affiliation of the architecture and everything to do with where it's being built. unfortunately you get a problem that's right in the middle.
After the 9/11 attacks, I really can't see how Muslims would want to have more negative attention on themselves.
I'm sorry man, but I find this really ignorant.
Nothing has come out of this recent news topic but blatant discrimination against Muslims. I'm not just talking about in New York, but proposed mosques have been protested against all over the United States.
This is not a statement by Muslims or attention grab.

Political parties do this shit all the time. This is political science all over again.
The 9/11 responders bill. Healthcare for the heroes of one of the most tragic events in American history. Defeated. The Republicans were against it because of additional taxation (against corporations with offshore operations), and also because Democrats wanted to use a 2/3rds majority.
The bill flopping looks bad on Republicans. It looks bad on everybody.

I don't know. I find this whole thing just a little sad.
It makes me sigh a little when I'm reading the newspaper in the morning.

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