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That Marriage 101 spiel is one sided and ignorant of history, sociology, psychology and cultural anthropology.

It takes the assumption that men and women view themselves as only irrational beings when in fact what seperates us from primates is rationality and the ability to (at times) control our irrational thoughts.

It also presumes that men and women subscribe to certain gender roles and limits these gender roles to only two, meanwhile there is plenty of evidence that manyt cultures have more than simply two genders and varying roles within them.

The role of marriage in socities can not be simply placed in one singluar vaccuum and then be said to apply to all socities. It's incorrect and only serves the purpose to support a narrow minded view. It's neglectful of socities with female dominance, it's neglectful of sexuality differences.

It reminds me of students I used to teach that would read one article on a subject and believe they became experts on a subject all the while neglecting that there are usually hundreds of opposing views or additional research.

But this shouldn't surprise me. In an era where a guy like Goldhagen is seen as a historical expert and sheep blindly cite him while neglecting other debates, it really shouldn't surprise me.
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