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Originally Posted by Jackson Filth View Post

i'm not going to ask, but i'll insinuate that those against marriage were raised in sole-custody/joint-custody families.
That depends on who you're referring to. Do you mean "against" marriage in the sense that a person doesn't want it for themselves? Or do you mean people who think the idea is just ridiculous in general? It seems like some people here don't want it for themselves, but I don't recall anybody saying that they are "against" marriage existing or that we should get rid of it entirely. I acknowledge that it has tremendous value to some people, and I don't see that as a bad thing. If it makes certain people happy, then that's awesome. I'm glad they are happy.

But, since I don't particularly want marriage for myself (at least I can't picture it right now) and wish that people would stop pressuring others into believing it is for everyone, I'll respond to your insinuation.

No. My parents were married for over 40 years and I bet they would have surpassed 60 years if nature hadn't interfered (I am not that old. my mom was close to 40 when she gave birth to me).

However, I don't think marriage is for everybody. It is very unrealistic to expect every person to find that solid match. Some people are better off having a series of intimate relationships and close friends during their lifetime. Too many people are "settling" in order to find a spouse before they are 35. And then people wonder why the divorce rate is so high. In fact, you might have more successful marriages if there wasn't so much pressure on people to get married in the first place. For some people it takes time to find a really good match. It's more about finding the right person at the right time.

Edit - I forgot about one of SJ's earlier posts. He might actually be totally against marriage.

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