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Originally Posted by Cory View Post
Dude, relax.

I wasn't going to but......*takes admin hat off*

All you have said and done in this thread, is avoid questions, and preach. There is nothing on this planet more fucking annoying the a bloody "know-it-all" that really knows absolutely fucking nothing but uses big words and conjecture to hide the fact that, deep down inside he is a lonely man who probably didn't get hugged enough as a child....or perhaps too much. Wait there is something worse, somebody doing it on an internet forum.

FOr someone with all the mental and physical prowess of a modern day Greek God, you sure do waste alot of time explaining yourself.

A simple case of "I think doth protest to much"

You are clown....
I know you guys...I see you in bars....
Not the guys turning girls down, but the ones that have built up this asinine story in their head that they are too good for everyone so they sit there alone, and make themselves believe that "this is how it has to be, I am too good for these people".

*admin hat back on*

Finally before you decide to insult everyone on here, know that in here, you are nothing, nobody and can fall victim to the fact that me, "a nobody" who got hit by car broke 3 bones....CAN HAVE GONE BECAUSE I BLOODY WELL FEEL LIKE IT.

In short.....if you would like to stay around...you fucking "relax", if you don't just let me know and I can send you back to the imaginary place where you possess all the powers of Kypton's last son.
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