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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
hey, I have no problem with players looking for their money, in fact I'm kind of against players NOT going for their maximum worth, because it messes up the whole idea of a salary cap. What I don't like is when they act like they don't care.

I'm not sure what billups has to do with anything, the fact remains that arenas couldn't stand the idea of being cut and had to resort to a pathetic trick to cover his ass. The fact that Billups did it too is irrelevant for Arenas' behavior, if anything it speaks about Billups.
What that has to do with it, is Billups is considered a team first guy and all that, yet he did the same thing (withdrew from consideration citing injuries) Somehow he escapes the criticism Gilbert got.

Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
And 3 millions when you're way over the cap is useless, it's not like you can take kapono and 3 millions and get a player like Calderon in return. In their current situation, all it does is makes it possible to get another 8th man at best. Better yet, if he plays another season at 12/yr, it saves them 6+, more than the MLE.
He's saving them 3 million per year over 6 years I believe. They likely will not be over the cap for each of the next 6 years, in part because Gil is helping them avoid the burden of a max contract. Building a winning team takes more than one summer, and Gilbert is committing to Washington's building process by freeing up 3 million every year.

And again I will say...Sidney Crosby did this and was praised across the country. Tom Brady did it and was praised across the country. But when Gil does it theres some ulterior motive? Bullshit

Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
Other things I don't like about him are that he's not even trying to play defense, that he's shooting way too many 3 pointers, even when he's having 1 for 11 nights, that he's shooting key shots from the midcourt (a very low percentage shot regardless of how good of a shooter you are) when he could try to create something for a teammate. This is not the behaviour of a player that really cares about his team, but one who cares a little too much about stats. There will never be a championship level team with a main star that's shooting 41% from the field (with a high volume of shots), which is the main reason the Wizards were (and always will be) a mediocre playoff team. After all, despite missing him for a full season, they pretty much had the same record last year, and many of the players on that team had excellent seasons. Which is probably why some (myself included) are saying that the wizards are a better team without him.
The idea that the Wizards are better without Gilbert is an absolute farce. First of all the Wizards are a better defensive team with Gil on the floor. Secondly, they are a better rebounding team with him on the floor. Finally, Gilbert is one of the best scoring guards in the entire league.

And to blame a team's playoff ineptitude on one player is a cop out.

Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
There will never be a championship level team with a main star that's shooting 41% from the field (with a high volume of shots)

40%, 1800 shots, NBA Finals
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