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Originally Posted by Taz View Post
There are a couple of other things that bothered me but, as they happen later on in the season, I won't say a word.
Well, I am near the end of the season, so it might be okay to offer some of those thoughts now. There are 2 or 3 episodes left. During the last episode, Matt finally called Julie, the coaches finally found out about Luke's injury, and Vince saw his friend get shot.

And, of course, I finally found out what you meant by this:
Fuck man. Just. You. Wait.
Yeah, Luke's mom was not pleased about the abortion, to say the least. The scene in which Tami goes before the committee to explain her actions was pretty great. I mean, regardless of one's views on abortion, the sentiments she expressed are indicative of what a caring person she is. There was one really powerful line, but I can't remember it exactly.

Okay, now some other stuff.

-I sort of wish we knew how Luke's mom came to the conlusion that Tami Taylor talked Becky into getting an abortion. It's obvious that she was just looking to blame someone, but that scene could have been interesting. How on earth did Becky end up walking away from that conversation with a positive impression of Luke's mom? If this was real life, I would have expected someone with the personality Luke's mom to approach Becky in a negative or condescending manner. It seems like a missed opportunity for an interesting scene. On the other hand, maybe it's just too difficult. It's much easier to just say that conversation happened and go from there. It's things like this that make me miss the 22 episode long season even more.

- I'm a bit of a superficial douche. I can't remember Tami's great line of substance, but I do remember one of Luke's hilarious lines. It was awesome and one of my favorite moments. Luke's Mom says: "Don't forget to pray before bed", and then she leaves the room and Luke looks up and says: "Dear Lord, please let me find some drugs before Friday." Awesome.

-The Vince/Jess/Landry situation is getting complicated. Wouldn't it be fucked up if Vince and Jess started dating and then next season Jess's Dad hooks up with Vince's Mom? haha That type of scenario occured on another show I used to love called Judging Amy.

-Like I said before, I like Jess's Dad. He is a solid male role model that parallels what coach Taylor brings to the show.

- Also, I like how a number of the actors exhibit flashes of great character while simultaneously making some very poor decisions. Vince and Tim both are faced with some really tough scenarios this season. Both struggle to do the right thing, and frequently WANT to do the right thing, yet they still come up short when facing tough economic realities. Life can be complicated and force people to into difficult moral dillemas. I like how the show continues to capture that.

On a somewhat related note, that exchange between Tim and Becky's mom was really amazing. Oh the irony.

- To a certain degree, Matt's situation is complicated too. I thought his silence was understandable. Losing a parent is a mindfuck. I was dissapointed that Julie dissed him once he finally called. But I guess that's the point of good TV; it's supposed to provoke a reaction. Yes, I understand why she is mad. I just thought she should give him a chance. Sometimes it's hard to remember that she's supposed to be a teenager. I guess a 17 y/o girl would act that way. I'm really curious to know how you felt about that episode. You know what does or does not happen in the next couple of episodes, so that might change your overall impression of the situation, but how did you feel about that episode? It would be interesting to hear your perspective.

- Given what I said in the last paragraph, I'm sure you could have guessed I was a little dissapointed by how Julie hooked up with that "habitat for humanity" dude. Maybe I'm expecting too much of her? Again, I'd welcome your thoughts.

- I have some other minor observations/criticisms, but I've said too much alrady and I think some of my concerns will get resolved in the next few weeks. I'm really looking forward to how they finish up the season. Luke is out for the game against the Panthers, so I'm less certain how that will go. The last time we talked about this, I thought the writers were setting things up for East Dillon to upset the Panthers and give them that one loss that makes the Panthers miss the playoffs. You know, a moral victory of sorts. But now it would be such an extreme upset that I have doubts the writers would do something sooooo Disneyish. Heck, if Vince ends up getting arrested after the shooting incident, he might not play either! I can't wait to find out what happens!

Anyways, if you find the time, let me know what you think about the first 10 (11?) episodes.
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