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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
you are in love with the image that gilbert is desperately trying to project (even if it costs him 16 millions).

Come on, arenas a team player? Didn't he suddenly develop an "injury" in 2006 when he found out is he going to be cut from the US team? And later on started throwing dirt at the coaches because they dared to cut him?

You have to look very carefully at the bad things a person does. It's easy to say the right things if you're reasonably smart, but it's a lot harder to deal with adversity.

He said reapeatedly that he will take less money if the Wizards sign Jamison, to back off that promise now would mean his whole image going down the drain. For Arenas, his image is critical, he's a maniac that way. If his team was all it mattered (like he claims even now), why not stay with the Wizards one more year - nobody put a gun to his hand to force him to exercise his option ... There is only one reason to do this, to get more money. I'm not saying it's a bad thing - I have no problem with that. But don't come to me and pretend you don't care about money and all you think of is the team ... give me a break ...
Didn't Chauncy Billups do the same thing this year? Isn't he considered one of the great team leaders in the league? And saying he's going to drop 50 on them is hardly "throwing dirt" on them. It's speaking his mind...something that happens FAR less than it should in the oh-so media savvy world of NBA superstars.

As for your second point, damn near every player in the league is out for theirs. Why not stay with the Wizards for one more year without an extension? Well I could give Gilbert's wonky knee about 111 million reasons why signing a long term contract ASAP is a smart move. That has nothing to do with "loyalty" or "being a team player". That's being intelligent, plain and simple. Why risk your career while playing for below market value when you can guarantee your family long term security with a new contract? Life and family comes before basketball, and to criticize any player for wanting a long term deal as soon as he can get it is unfair, especially when he gave money back on the deal.

As for the deal itself, you're buying into a serious double standard. Arenas isn't a team player because he's goign after slightly less than the max money, right? So what in the fuck would you classify Kevin Garnett in Minnesota as? Because the consensus is that Garnett is about the best teammate out there, great for the organization, team leader, etc etc

HOWEVAH, dude signed a deal that resulted in the NBA implementing max contracts. His deal was through the roof outrageous. Yet Garnett, because he's so serious and intense on the court and was perceived to have "no help", is somehow exempt from the criticism that Arenas gets?

A players contract has no bearing on what kind of teammate he is. Unless he takes less than he's offered, in which case it speaks positively about them.

And who doesn't want Gilbert on their team, honestly? You wouldn't want to be this guys teammate? Stealing a rookies car and painting it pink wouldn't be a good time? What about dunking off trampolines during a time out? No?

Gilbert gets hated on because he's not afraid to let people see him having fun. It's a shame.
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