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if i'm a WIZ fan, i'm on the fence with this signing.
on one hand, you re-sign a star player (supposedly in his prime - if his knee is OK), who can score loads of points, and will be an allstar for the next few seasons for sure.
on the other hand, you are paying a shit load of money to a guy who hasnt really done squat in his career other than score.

the wiz are throwing alot of money towards a guy who is the opposite of a leader. he's an "un-leader".
the amount of money in this deal is too high because its too much for an un-leader to make.
look at richard lewis, VC, etc. those guys are un-leaders.
sure they score plenty, but they are so one-dimensional and are the furthest things from leaders.
when you give guys like that such fat contracts, they almost always turn out to be busts, because those types of plyers do nothing for your team in the long run. they dont contribute to more wins, they actually bring the team down from the inside, because they cripple your future since they tie up so much of your bankroll.

Gilbert is the epitome of an 'un-leader'. the guy plays online poker during halftime... and while some of you guys thought it was hilarious and cool, if i'm a wiz fan i would despise it.
you mean to tell me that the guy with the biggest contract is playing on-line poker during halftime of a game..? what kind of example is that to the younger guys on the team? he doesnt even care really. and thats the guy who makes the most money? its a joke. you should pay the most money to the guy who's motivating the team when they are down, the guy who sets a good example and LEADS by example. not a player who doesnt even give a crap.

I'm also against this signing (if im a wiz fan) because the team played so much better last season when Gilbert was injured.
imagine the possibilities of doing a sign and trade with Gilbert.
the guy is a 30 point allstar scorer... he'd net you some big names or up and comers in return.
if they were smart, the'd have S&T'ed Gilbert with Chicago for Deng and Hinrich (and some other role players). and that isnt even the best deal they could get, but its the first ne to come to mind.

washington would have a lineup of:

now thats a team.

but instead they re-sign a 30 point scorer who couldnt lead a team to save his life.
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