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The team is much better than a 10 win team unless everyone went down with injuries.
But the team may have the potential to surprise more than totally suck.

If Bargs can get 20-25 PPG, 7.5-9 RPG, 1.5-2.5 BPG 2-3APG everyone will be saying Bosh WHO? All those numbers are very realistic for Bargs since he will be playing more low post this year. So will get easier baskets and more dunks. Much of the critical comments about Bargs in the past were helping to compensate for some off Bosh's short comings. Three happy do you seriously think he wasn't put outside as he was on purpose? He was there to take pressure by the center off Bosh and allow the STAR more and easier looks.

I'm not say that there will be times that he won't stretch the other C but that will be against big and immobile Cs that he can burn.

Weems & DD will be better than l;ast year just from the sheer amount of work that both put in.

Kliesa may not be the player that Turk could be but he is gritty, slightly better defense and will put up better numbers than Turk did last year.

PG is in flux ......... we have JJ, Jose, Banks and Barbosa..........the only obvious one to remain is Barbosa. Lets wait but what ever happens I see the PG situation improved.

Bosh is gone and he definitely was our best player. We have Amir, Davis & Dorsey to compensate for his loss. Will we miss him yes but lets see what Amir brings he does have better chemistry with Bargs than Bosh did. He doesn't need or demand the ball and is a stronger defensive player than Bosh. Davis is a Rookie so its hard to say what he can contribute, Dorsey is hard nosed and will do what Evans does at 1/10 the price.

Really shouldn't mention Banks ( I did at PG), Beli and Evans all are basically deadmen walking and can be moved at anytime with basically only a positive impact on the team.

I think we can do the 7 to 10 spot in the east some teams still suck and some teams have got worse.
Below us NJ, Philly, Carolina, Cleveland, Washington, Detroit Above us Miami, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Orlando, Milkaukee, WE will fit inbetween those teams obvious some could surprise or disappoint.
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