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God, let's get a WING!!!!!111

I'm sick of this. O.k. has anyone played basketball here? First thing, is you play basketball from the inside out. I understand we have Andrea, but Andrea is on the wing i.e. no on the outside. Where does Bosh operate? Usually in the high post not in the low post where a Centre operates. Did anyone notice when our offence runned most efficiently? It was when Rasho on the blocks was scoring and forcing defences to guard the interior aginst HIM and BOSH. Now we have upgraded the centre position with a guy who LOVES to play with his back to the basket. Teams will have to guard the inside position, if not, we will win games easily.

Now, defences will play and guard us and possibly double on the lower blocks; guess what that leaves one of our guards open. WE have the best 3 pt. shooter in the league in Kapono. Look at when he was most effective last? With Shaq, who oddly enough demanded attention on the low blocks, much like O'Neal receives now and has.

Getting a guy on the wing wasn't a priority because we believe in the development of Jamario Moon. If Moon improves his shooting so that it isn't a liability and continues to attack and stays aggressive who's to say he isn't a 10 and 7 guy? That's good enough. Too many times we're enamoured with the big name Wing man. Quick, who plays wing for San Antonio? BRUCE BOWEN!!!!! Wow, the Spurs suck. They never won with two dominant post men right?

So now we have three highly sought after positions covered. We have a PF in Bosh; a PG in Calderon. Arguably they're in the top 10-12 and now O'Neal who's probably top 5 in the league at Centre. We have three positions that teams NEED to fill in first and we're set at that. And now we can ease Bargs into a role instead of rushing him. How many said we need to ease his developement? Now that we can actually do that, we're saying what's wrong with the team? Are we crazy? Bargs now practices on a daily basis not simply against Rasho, but against J.O. and Bosh. Do we not think that'll improve him in the slightest? He's practicing against better competition? Plus, it's not being handed to him this time. He knows someone here is to take his job. We said too many times it looked like he didn't care and now he is gonna be forced to care.

This is a brilliant move, because by 2010, you have a chance to see what you have or well not have and you have the chance to completely rebuild with a ton of cap space.
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