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Originally Posted by DrizzyDym View Post
Bosh for Tpe+ Beasley + 2 1st picks = likely
TPE+ 1 1st pick, + Reggie for Okafor+Collison = likely
Jack + 2 Future 2nd rounders+Cash for Lou Williams and Thad Young = offered to BC
Hedo + Davis for Dalembert = offerered to BC
Calderon+ Belinelli for Rip Hamilton = mehhh

Beasley/Thad Young or Weems
Rip/Derozan/Weems/ - Switch up a lot so rip gets a lot of rest...no need for injuries on that contract :\
Collison/Lou Williams/
The only bad contracts are Bargs and Okafor, and thats a solid/balanced PF slot


Its a sad day to be a Raptors fan....can i just hope?
can we pretend that airplanes in the nightsky are like shooting stars ...i could really use a wish right now ( overplayed, i know xD)
Rips contract is 38 million over 3 years is bad.
TPE & Banks for Collison and Stojakovic I could live with just one year at 15.3 likely buy him out.

Davis shouldn't be moved.

Turk, Dorsey & JJ to Houston for Ariza, Jefferies and Anderson
Houston needs a PG and Ariza didn't give Houston the play they wanted.
Dorsey and Anderson just make the $ work.

Jose, Collison
Weems, DD
Ariza, Jefferies, Stojakovic ( hopefully buy out one )
Bargs, Alabi
Amir, Davis, Evans

After this year the Raptors would have these players Jose, Bargs, Collison, Amir, Ariza, DD, Weems, Davis and Alabi with a payroll about 35 million that includes signing Weems to 4 million.

If Jose can be moved even less.
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