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Originally Posted by EggsToTheBBQ View Post
So, let me get this straight. You think Bosh will walk.

Just to make sure I'm 110% clear on what you're saying. A simple yes or no question: will Bosh walk away from $30 million? I bet no.

That's the argument.

You apparently think he will. Because a TPE means more to the Raptors than a $30 million raise means to Chris Bosh? That's your reasoning? :facepalm: You should play poker with me sometime. It will be good practice for your math.

Anyways, I thought of a 3 team deal. David Lee to Minnesota, Al Jefferson to Toronto and Bosh to New York. Hopefully Rubio makes his way to Toronto in the deal.
You should be playing checkers. It's more in your league.

First off, don't facepalm me. You're the one who doesn't understand that the Raps only get $3 mill in cap space if Bosh walks. Your argument was one the dumbest things I've heard all week.

Second, I was responding to your words. YOU said the cap space was better than a TPE. No, No, No, No. A TPE is better than $3 mill in cap space, that's my logic. Learn to read. I was replying to a specifc part of your argumetn. Once again, a TPE is more valuable than $3 mill in cap space, get it? That's all I said. I said nothing about whether or not Bosh would walk, just that a TPE is better than $3 mill in cap space.

I think it is more likely that Bosh will take the $30 mill. That is why BC is playing hard ball. Both parties involved can benefit from a reasonable sign and trade deal. But a TPE could be valuable depending on which team BC does a sign and trade with. Three 1st round picks + $16.6 mill TPE is a decent offer. It's better than your shit ass $3 mill in cap space.
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