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How about Memphis for a possible partner in a S&T?

Bosh + Jose


Zach Randolph + Thabeet + Conley/Marcus Williams/Trade Exception or some variation on that theme.

It seems to me that Thabeet had a decent rookie year for a center, and his D League reassignment had more to do with locker room chemistry than anything else. He can get lots of boards and a crazy number of blocks. He averaged 1.3 blocks in only 13 minutes last season (Bosh averaged 1 block in 36 minutes for a comparison). He's raw, but still has amazing potential. Also, it looks like the Grizzlies are set on Marc Gasol being their center for the foreseeable future. They'd be foolish to sell Thabeet when is stock is low, but then again this is the team that dealt Pau for scrubs + picks. Jose would be a good addition for that team as well. They seem in need of a passer/ballhandler, and Gasol is good enough at help defense so that Jose's miscues turn into shots from midrange rather than a clear path to the basket, as was the case in Toronto (thanks to Bosh + Bargs not so stellar help defense). Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Zach Randolph's contract expiring at the end of the season? Hopefully by then one of the Raptors prospect will have turned into a starter, though that might be asking a lot.

Honestly, my prediction is that BC works out a multi team deal that no one in the media has thought of, and it works well for the Raptors. There's too many possibilities to even contemplate, and none of the obvious two team deals seem to work. More than anything the Raptors need a center so they can move Bargs to PF where he belongs. Also, I think the Jose + Hedo tandem needs to be broken up. Hedo's a whiner, but he's talented, and I don't see BC moving him.

I have a feeling that something has pretty much been decided on, otherwise I don't think Amir would have been signed yet, and the Hedo situation wouldn't have been handled by PJ Carlesimo.

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