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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
Cassel was a complete failure and he arrived at the end of the season, along with PJ. The only real free agents they signed were Posey and House. Guys like House are a dime a dozen - Posey is the only one who really made an impact. And I agree we need somebody like him if we are to win the conference this season. But to make the playoffs? Come on ...

As far as other teams improving, not sure I agree about any of your examples. Chicago will be worse next season, since Rose will surely not be as good as hinrich in his first season. Not even Paul was great in his rookie season (he was great as a rookie but he wasn't a top PG in year 1).

Milwaukee got better by a small margin imo. They had a 28 or so wins - do you honestly think that a guy like Jefferson can get them 15 more wins next season?

Atlanta didn't make any move yet, so there's no reason to think they will be anything different than they were last season. They will probably be a .500 team again. Same about Philadelphia - they actually overachieved last season and I expect them to drop back a bit.

And internal improvement applies to all teams ... Yes, Howard will be better, but so will Bosh, Calderon, Bargnani and Moon. It's extremely rare for a team to make a big jump through internal improvement alone ...
PJ Brown played 17 and 20 minutes per game in teh conference finals and finals, respecfully, so he was a contributor.
Cassell got some minutes as well and played a vital role in terms of leadership.
I'm not a fan of Eddie House, but even he hit some big shots - but those guys siged on for CHEAP. They weren't getting like 3-4-5 million. They were getting like 1 million each. The Celtics had that luxury.

You make that statement about Milwaukee, but then you look at a team like Orlando. They barely made it into the playoffs a couple of years ago and then last off-season, they added Stan Van Gundy and Rashard Lewis and they experience a difference of about 13 wins. Was it just Lewis? And I think RJ is a better player than Lewis. Milwaukee finally has a good coach in Skiles, a different approach and in my opinion, better talent than Orlando. To undestimate them would be a mistake.

Everyone thought Atlanta would be at the bottom of the league, but their young guys stepped up - and they're gaining confidence (especially taking the champs to the limit in the first round) and experience. They're gonna be better, especially with a full year of Bibby at the helm.

Philly has LOADS of cap room - They'll make a splash and they're so young. They had guys like Iguodala and Young step up. They're improving as well.

Like I said, I don't think we'll miss the playoffs, but I wouldn't be surprised if we did. So be easy. Have a coke and a smile.
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