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Default Start Singing the Blues ....

This is courtesy of Jay from his blog here at RF. If you guys haven't checked out the mainpage here at RF, you should, for his and lang's (and even ClingRap's) blog entries. I highly suggest you check there daily. Fun and witty stuff.

Link - http://www.raptorsforum.com/

Anyhow, here's tonight entry from Jay.

Originally Posted by Jay
A little late for this post, but it’s also regarding the Knicks, so really, who cares? If people in New York weren’t already signing the blues, the terrible performance put in by the Knicks last night should have had them looking for harmonicas and bottles of bourbon, because that was not, I repeat, NOT NBA basketball. From the terrible turnovers to the forced shots, the Knicks showed why they are as bad of a team as the standings show.

The Raptors-Knicks game was a microcosm of the Knicks season, with the Fat Boys even sitting for the majority of the game, one (Curry) because he was utterly useless, the other (Randolph) because he is a big headed, big mouthed idiot. It takes a lot for a guy to come out of an argument with Isiah Thomas looking like the bad guy and Randolph managed to make himself look like the grand marshall of the dummy parade.

The Knicks won’t win not for a lack of talent and not for a complete lack of heart (because some of those guys on the bench have a good work ethic). The Knicks will continue to lose because there is no sense of team there. I can’t count the amount of times the Knicks came down the floor and a player proceeded to launch a shot within the first 5 seconds of the shot clock. Every guy in that starting lineup was looking to get his. The Raptors should have been able to bury the Knicks in the first two minutes, as the Knicks started the game with guys just walking down, stopping and popping, then gingerly heading back on D. There is nothing in the Knicks season stats that would provide any justification for them shooting like they are snipers, they’re just selfish…and selfishness doesn’t correct itself.

Nice to see Bosh working the inside and outisde, providing that varied approach that we talk about game after game. If he had a little more luck, he would have been able to finish even higher than his 40 points and 11 boards, but honestly, let’s not read too much into this. This is what good players are supposed to do against competition that is in almost every way inferior. That is about of slow a defensive unit as the Raptors will ever see. I knew Curry and Randolph were slow, but when did Malik Rose get so slow? He was painful to watch and I almost thought he was injured. Jeffries also looked like he was wearing ski boots out there, just tripping over himself and showing a complete lack of lateral movement. Balkman was decent, but by the time he was on Bosh, it wasn’t going to make any difference in the game (heads up Isiah, make changes when they matter). So while it is good to see Bosh dominating players, let’s just keep it in context and remember that the Knicks have players that he should be dominating.

Sam Mitchell was talking about the crowd at MSG and how the Raptors were happy to get the win because the Garden can be a hostile atmosphere. Dude, MSG hasn’t been a hostile atmosphere for anybody other than the Knicks for the past 5 years. The fans are looking to get on their own team quicker than they are the opposition. Sam was using his general, “..at least we got the win” mantra that he loves to chant, you know, the same one that drives me crazy. I guess Sam shouldn’t care that the Raptors were (once again) not able to step on a team’s throat and put them away down the stretch. No, nobody really thought the Knicks were going to come back and pull it out, but there shouldn’t have even been anything close to that scenario making an appearance. Those are the games where you should have a comfortable enough lead to bench the starters and have guys like Joey Graham playing extended minutes. Those are the game where a simple change of personnel on the floor will let the opposition know that they are officially being buried. If you can’t put away games against the Knicks, you really have to start to wonder what kind of killer instinct your team has. Those aren’t the instincts of a team that thinks they are ready to make some moves toward the post-season. What we saw against the Knicks was a team just looking for a win. There’s a big difference.

Anyway, the game doesn’t call for a whole lot more discussion than that, but if I were on the Raptors roster, from coach down to towelboy, I wouldn’t be too happy with that performance against the Knicks, because it really left a lot to be desired.
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