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Originally Posted by ArmChairGM View Post
Hey, Taz, I'm 5 episodes in now. Your comment that the show is "about so much more than football" is as relevant as ever. The writers really try to incorporate contentious cultural, social and economic issues facing America/Texas into the story/character development. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before universal health care is mentioned this season...haha

Off the top of my head, I have a few observations. I'd also like to hear/read what you liked/disliked.

- I kind of like the way the writers resolved the conflict between Vince and Luke. I was worried the writers might try too hard to play the "We Are the Titans" angle (I don't know if you saw that movie?), but I think they did a good job of avoiding the Disney type of resolution. There are some similarities, but FNL put a better twist on it. It also helps that J.D. has turned into an arrogant little fuck. It makes Luke and Vince's quick resolution seem more plausible, at least it does to me.

- I was kind of dissapointed with how abruptly Riggins came back to town. But at the end of last nights show I saw a teaser for next week's episode and Lyla appears to come back. So maybe some back story that appeared to take place off camera will emerge from that? For a show that's so character driven at times, the writers do have a tendency to leave some unfortunate gaps in their development. As I mentioned, it's convenient that J.D is acting like a little bitch, but he sure changed rather quickly. I used to feel bad for the kid.

- Somewhat related to that last point about J.D, it seems like the writers are slowly building a perfect storm of hatred towards the Panthers. At least the writers aren't being ridiculous by making East Dillon successful right from the start. I have a feeling they are going to lose most of their games and then beat Dillon. It just seems like they are building towards that with all the things they embed in the plot. Like Dillon having to forfeit a game due to Luke's presence on the roster. My money is on East Dillion being the one team to beat Dillon and prevent them from making the playoffs. I really hope I'm wrong, though, because that would be a little too Disneyish. If they do that, I hope it is well done and not too cartoonish. *crosses fingers*

-Landry lands another babe? :facepalm: I'm interested to see how that develops, given that Vince likes Jess.

-Jess's family dynamics are a gold mine. I'm thinking maybe her Dad ends up mentoring Vince in some capacity? In fact, I'm sort of hoping that happens. "Good job, writers!"

- Matt's character is interesting to me for personal reasons, so I'm curious to see where he is at by the end of the season.

- Gay assistant coach, interracial kissing, daughter who doesn't want to go to church anymore = a conservative Texan's head explodes...hahaha

You know, given some of the subject matter, I wonder how popular this show is with actual Texans? I mean outside of Austin.
You have pointed out some of the things that I took issue with, mainly the seemingly abrupt change in JD's attitude ... good kid to arrogant, entitled punk in a v. short time frame. I didn't like that v. much ... I understand why it has to happen though. You said that "for a show that's so character driven at times, the writers do have a tendency to leave some unfortunate gaps in their development" ... the way I look at it, the writers only have 13 episodes in which to tell their story so gaps in character development are expected and, therefore, I give the writers a pass on the disjointedness.

Landry having yet another gorgeous girl interested in him got a major :facepalm: from me also. Also, having Coach go between calling him "Lance" and "Landry" bothered me ... Coach should know his name by now, I feel.

There are a couple of other things that bothered me but, as they happen later on in the season, I won't say a word.

Things I love include:

How the writers have made Papa McCoy your stereotypical, cartoonish villain ... I half expect him to twirl an elaborate moustache and laugh maniacally. The actor is awesome.

The Lions ... a team with little funding but a lot of scrappiness and heart led by Coach, Vince, and Luke ... all three actors are wonderful and the interaction between the three of them is just wow.

Tami Taylor ... I realise that this is a TV show; however, as a woman, Tami Taylor is a shining example of the kind of mother that I dream of being ... the interaction between her and Julie always was, and continues to be, wondeful. Likewise to her interaction with Coach ... terrific family.

Matt Saracen ... won't say anything else.

Personally, I didn't have a problem with Riggins being back ... (a) eye candy for me and (b) because Tim really didn't belong in college ... to me, he has always been this simple guy who wanted to play football and live an unassuming life in his small town ... Texas forever. The fact that he is back and helping Billy out at Riggins Rigs doesn't bother me. Neither does the fact that Lyla is back in town ... she came back for the funeral and ... well, don't want to say anything more.

The funeral episode was stunning ... it made me cry. The rest of the season is equally terrific.

You said "Gay assistant coach, interracial kissing, daughter who doesn't want to go to church anymore = a conservative Texan's head explodes...hahaha."

Fuck man. Just. You. Wait.

Look forward to more thoughts from you.
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