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Originally Posted by Windex View Post
climate change :facepalm:
and I just heard about an increase of certain types of fish cause of all the restrictions they have
this kind of shit drives me insane.

you use a label - "climate change" - to categorize a multi-faceted issue as a political one-liner and then throw a complete red-herring out there with the "i just heard/some kind of fish" claim.

there are some real issues here that have nothing to do with climate change, or whatever you want to call that stuff.

-we overfish the oceans. this is patently obvious and supported by huge amounts of scientific data. but, putting that all aside, is it not completely obvious to you that if we pull fish out at a rate faster than they can reproduce we will end up with dwindling fish stocks? i mean, isn't this just elemental logic? add to that the fact that we are breeding certain fish stocks in massive numbers and we still can't keep pace with the rate at which we are taking them out of the water. ... ?

-we pollute massively. whether this causes warming, cooling or any climate change at all is irrelevant. we are dumping chemicals and garbage into ecosystems at ever-increasing rates. this poisons the animals that live there and the food we eat. this is also supported by huge amounts of scientific data that look at the chemical contents of fish and aquatic plant life.
this can't possibly be good for us. find me one nutritional source that says it is a good thing to eat heavy metals, lead, dioxins, etc.

but of course i may be wrong and it may all be because some fish you heard about is killing all the otehr fish. yeah. :|
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