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Snooch yes LA needs a PG but it would be Jose not JJ. Jose is ideal for the Triangle and JJ isn't. We will see Jose there.

Something like this could work send Bosh to Miami, Miami sends Beasley to us and we trade Beasley, Jose and Banks to Washington for Arenas and 2nd round pick.

Yes even with his guilty plea the logistics will be easily worked out for him to play in Canada. Washington likes Beasley and they want to get Arenas out of town.

I agree must keep Turk and do believe we will see more out of him next year this was his 1st terrible year in the NBA. Portland isn't stupid and they wanted him.
Go out look for players coming off bad years that are free agents that have produced in the past.
Many NBA teams gave up on Richardson but look at him this year in Phoenix his stock has risen. Maybe a player like Jefferson in SAS off year because not used to being 4th or 5th option on a team.

For JJ, Evans and Beli

PG Arenas get best D Leaguer as back-up
SG DD and Weems
SF Jefferson, Turk, Leos son
C Bargs, 1st pick, Turk
PF Amir resigned, Dorsey, Turk

1st pick Hassam as Bargs back-up
2nd Best player available

Get Leo's son as 3pt expert was to be 2nd rounder but will not be drafted.
He has a pure shot and good BB IQ

Arenas can score low 20s put up 7Asts 3 RBS
Weems and DD will improve 15 to 18 pts between them 4 RBS 5 Asts
Turk, Jefferson, Leo's son 20plus, 5to6 rebounds, 6or 7 asts. Tyrk can also be a good 6th man with his height fill in behind Bargs and Amir
Bargs 17 to 20 7.5RBS, 2.5 blocks, 1.5ASTS
Amir 12PTS, 9RBS, 2 ASTS

Teams better in almost everyway

Arenas 38 minutes
Bargs 35
Amir 35
Jefferson 35
Turk 32-35
Weems and DD 48
Leo Son 3
Back up center 3 to 5
Back-up PG 10
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