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Originally Posted by XiaominWu View Post
do you go with him to the washroom? do you make the other kid come along when you do? do you go to the washroom yourself? do you make both kids come along when you do? do you go to the kitchen to get them a juice? do you make them stop playing their video games and come with you when you do?

it doesn't take very long for a kid who is intent on mischief to sneak away and start a fire with his shiny new toy that daddy left lying around.
it is the responsibility of the babysitter to look after the kids. if the kids cause major fire damage, the babysitter didn't do a good job. i'm not saying it's easy - that's why 12 is too young - but they can't be unassailable because the job is hard. that's the responsibilty that you take.

and to answer your questions -

-depends on the kid for both q1 and q2.
-no not unless you are sure they are in a safe situation.
-yes but you keep an eye on them, you take them with you or you child proof the house first.
-if you don't stop them from playing games, you make sure the area is safe.

if you read my post, i left plenty of responsibility with the parents as well. if the lighter was dad's, he bears some responsibility. teh babysitter also should have taken notice and done something about it. both are at fault. the neighbours clearly aren't, but they are certainly owed damages.
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