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Originally Posted by lonewolfpoet View Post
I blame the parents who taught the child how to operate a child proof lighter and left it around where apparently a 5 year old could reach it.

Trane, sorry if my remark about lawyers offended you, but I thought it would be understood that it was made with the context of the article in mind and that of course I am not referring to all lawyers just those that think it is a great idea to sue a 14 year old girl.

By the way, in my experience the public guardian and trustee had nothing to do with parent neglect/abuse, but rather the Children's Aid Society.

Personally I think the insurance company of the owner of the trailer should pay for all damages. I mean these are trailers, they aren't even that expensive.

By the way trane, you wouldn't happen to be a lawyer working for an insurance company would you?
the suing of a 14 y/o girl is not the issue. it doesn't matter how old she is, damages were cauised and need to be sought. her age is irrelevant.

the opgt isn't there for issues of abuse, but it does represent kids when parents are in a divorce and are using the kid as a bargaining tool, for instance. it has many functions.

no, i am not a lawyer. when you say 'lawyers are a close second as the root of all evil', it's hard to think that you meant that with the limitation of only certain types of lawyers.
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