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Default Inappropriate content.

Hey mod's and members. I have a suggestion/request about avatars and captions that's been bugging me for sometime.

I would like you to consider putting some restrictions on avatars and captions to accomodate the majority of us that view this forum from work. I'll all for the RFG and SSG's because I can enter those threads at my discretion but seeing half naked women in the avatars is much harder to hide. As for the captions, there are some that are just plain disrespectful and while I'm all for freedom of speech such pointless displays of filth just come off ignorant and potentially offensive.

One current example is:

Someguy again
"is a sire, set the microphone on fire, rape styles vary, carey like mariah"

Now I realize i'm a late 30's white guy and so this isn't going to appeal to me but if that doesn't offend somebody I'm truly shocked at where our society's values are today.

Someguy again might want to have this as the quote that represents him and individual judgement and tastes vary but I appeal to the mods on behalf of common sense that given many of us don't understand(nor desire to) the context of quotes like this they appear extremely offensive and just not cool.

I've given up my quest to educate the masses and raise the collective standard of intellect but there are some lines that just shouldn't be crossed IMO.

Anyways, rant done...please consider this from a common decency and respect point of view.


ps...to Someguy again, sorry to pick on you. I find your caption offensive and it just reminded me that I wanted to make this suggestion for some time now.
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