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Originally Posted by MangoKidHoops View Post
Salary cap is needed for parity and I think for the survival of Major League Baseball. It works for the NFL, it works for the NHL. But like C pointed out, it's never going to happen. The Yankees don't mind spending an extra 30 mil a year if it means they win the WS.

I don't know if the extra wild card spots work simply because it means that the big market teams are guaranteed to still make the playoffs. It doesn't really correct things. It's like putting cologne on a really smelly dude. It just masks the problem - but you know that's exactly what Selig and Co. are going to do.
And it pisses me off to no extent.

It's funny because the MLB isn't really aware of the predicament they're going to enter into.

Look at the amount of African Americans not participating in baseball. The numbers are way down because basketball has gotten traction and to a lesser extent so has the MLS. The games are more entertaining to watch and the leagues are less predictable.

The MLB is far too predictable and while right now, revenue is high, they should examine what that revenue is without just NYY and the Red Sox. I'd say MLB would be on the same level as the NHL at that point in terms of revenue coming in from fans.

If the MLB doesn't fix its structure in say 10 yrs, I could 4-6 teams disappearing with another 4-5 in trouble. If I'm an owner in the MLB I point directly at the top 4 spenders and say you're the reason salaries have escalated (see: Howard, Ryan, good player but not A-Rod in his prime good).

If I'm them, I set the cap at 100 million (high but not exorbitant) and begin the playoffs in September with the top 6 teams making the playoffs. Make the first round a best of 3 and go from there.
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